Pleasanton, California

Well, I have officially moved back to the Bay Area. I was sad to leave Texas and that new life that I had started. But I realized something while I was there. As much as I loved Texas and everything I was doing socially, I couldn’t find a job that I would love and enjoy.

I had a mental and physical breakdown two weeks ago about my future and what I wanted. I have never been a planner or much of a goal setter because my dreams change constantly. But two weeks ago I had nothing, I was lost and confused to the point where I had no idea what I was going to do that day or the next.

So, this is why I moved back to Pleasanton. I needed to restart my restart. I needed a sense of trust and support that only my family could give me. Traveling has always been my passion; from the beginning I enjoyed it — the waking up early to go to the airport, long flights, staying in a hotel, taking taxis, and walking in an unknown territory. It was amazing.

But, it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Australia, in the Fall of 2013, that I really got bit by that travel bug.  That was the first time I traveled without someone I knew. I was all on my own in a foreign country.

Ever since that semester abroad I was hooked. All I do is day dream about the next time I get to be on an airplane to somewhere new. The friends that I made became life long travel buddies. We have decided that we only like hanging out together outside of the United States of America. To anyone reading this that is in college or about to go into college listen to this one piece of advice: do a semester abroad. It will most definitely, absolutely, positively be the best six months of your life.

I am not trying to get all philosophical, but I found myself while studying abroad. I realized that traveling turned from a want to a need. I need to travel. I need to get lost in a foreign country. I need to have that feeling of awe. I am in absolute serenity when I am sitting in that airport about to leave for my new destination.

That’s why I have come home. To find that job that gives me the same excitement that traveling gives me and to create a future that I can eventually be excited about every minute of every day. So, heres to the restart of my restart and hopefully this one will be more successful.


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