Bucket List

Go wine tasting Try surfing
Attend Mardi Gras Explore a cave
Work abroad Get a tattoo
Rope swing into a lake Ride an ATV
Fly first class Try snowboarding
Visit all 7 continents Swim with dolphins
Ride on a motorcycle Go zorbing
Play messy twister Attend a Rodeo
Catch a last minute flight anywhere Bathe an Elephant
Eat Belgian waffles in Belgium Find out my ethnicity
Go to a music festival Jump in a pool fully clothed
Swim in a waterfall Dance on a bar
Camp on the beach Learn to 2-step
Buy my own car Go on a cruise
Air boat across a swamp Go to a book signing
Visit Italy wineries Do a cleanse
Hike in a rainforest Go to a drive-in movie
Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef Swim with sharks
Swim with sea turtles Fly in a private jet
Cruise the Greek Islands Stay at an all-inclusive
Swim in an infinity pool Do a Polar Bear Plunge
Visit Australia Join a book club
Study abroad Stay in a tee-pee/yurt
Live in a different state See the Northern Lights
Visit Rome Relax in a Bungalow over the ocean
Ride a segway Kayak in the mangroves
Ice Skate in New York Adopt a dog
Go to a hockey game outside of California Go skinny dipping
Got to all the Disney parks Stargaze in the back of a truck
Go on a yoga trip Travel alone somewhere abroad
Go on a road trip Run a 5k
Bungee jump Ride in a hot air balloon
Ride a gondola in Venice Run a 10k
Hold a koala Skydive
Chase a kangaroo Graduate college
Go zip lining Send a message in a bottle
Cliff dive Truly try meditation
Ride in a helicopter Visit New Zealand
Volunteer abroad Learn a new language
Go to a lantern festival Hold a monkey